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Young women leaders in CTSWF trained


On May 14-15, the IUF AP and CTSWF Women's Committee held a May Day Seminar and Training in Basic Trade Unionism in Phnom Penh.

In the 'May Day' Seminar, 16 participants from both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh had a chance to learn about the history of struggle for the reduction of working hours and to set priorities in the spirit of May Day. These include reduction of working hours, basic salary increase and fixed rate of service charge by the law. Participants shared the procedure of decision making and how to convince union members to take up these issues and get involved in campaign to achieve what they plan. Next May Day they are expected to develop these priorities as campaign issues on national level.

In the one and a half day training session that followed the May Day seminar, the fundamental notion of trade unionism such as exercising labor rights and holding on three important principles (unity, independence, democratic methods)was highlighted. Six more participants joined this session and especially one sister from a newly unionized hotel (De La Paix) got inspiration how to approach and unionize non-members by workplace mapping.

At the conclusion, everyone joined the solidarity campaign with the struggle of Sister Gertrude Hambira, launched by IUF and Amnesty International, and wished her back to Zimbabwe in safety as well as her union being fully guaranteed its fundamental rights.