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SACCAWU calls for action against violence

SACCAWU supports the calls for action to eliminate gender based violence against women. SACCAWU stands in solidarity with the millions of women and gender activists who are taking a stand against the increasing levels of violence against women and Children on this day.

Violence against women is on the increase, and we cannot stand aside and continue to watch the barbaric acts of rape and sexual violence being perpetrated, we have to act against it. The problem is a systemic one and we need to confront it on all levels. We need to confront the violence in our homes, communities, workplace, churches, schools wherever we find ourselves. We need to educate our children and our male counterparts that violence and sexual abuse is not part of the society that we fought for and want to achieve. Society teaches boys attitudes and behaviours which make it appear acceptable to perpetrate such crimes against women. Violent behaviour is often seen appropriate behaviour in society and thus not questioning it. On this day, amongst all the actions that we take, we also as individuals need to reflect on our own mindset and behaviour and say how I can help to end violence against women in my daily life.

Trade Unions have a vital role to play to contribute to ending the violence against women. The workplace is one of the institutions that reinforce old and narrow gender roles. Thus, we see women being subjected to discriminatory practices and in particular sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of gender based violence. Trade Unions should compel companies to eliminate sexual harassment by dealing harshly with perpetrators and educate workers and management about gender equality issues. Workplaces can become an instrument to turn the tide against gender stereotypes. On this day, we call on our shopstewards to convene educational sessions during their lunch hours.

Solidarity Forever
Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Harassment
Zero Tolerance towards Violence against Women
Zero Tolerance towards violence against Children & The Aged

For more information contact the SACCAWU National Gender Co-ordinator: Patricia Nyman at 011 403 8333