Published: 25/03/2013

The trade union movement in Indonesia has won a landmark success in defending union members’ job security and dignity with the March 18 reinstatement of Hyatt Regency Bandung union activists Yudhasari Pardikan and Early Sobari, capping a difficult five-year struggle by the IUF-affiliated FSPM. The two were reinstated following a Supreme Court decision to reject the company’s appeal against a court decision two years ago clearing them of phony criminal charges. The FSPM campaigned tirelessly for their reinstatement since the two were dismissed in 2008. Their return to work with full rights sets an important precedent and has given a valuable lesson in solidarity.

Union activists Yudhasari Pardikan (left) and Early Sobari were suspended from their jobs in April 2008 after the company filed false charges against the two for “embezzling” USD 15 in order to intimidate the union. They were cleared of all charges and their good names restored in March 2011 by the Bandung District Court, but Hyatt management appealed the decision.