Published: 06/04/2016
The Citra Mina workers and their union continue to fight for their rights and winning health coverage for themselves and their families is a vital boost to their long struggle for rights and recognition.

When the workers were terminated they lost employee health coverage for themselves and their families under the government Philhealth scheme along with their livelihoods. Thanks to support from the IUF and the Swedish Food workers Union Livs, they now have full coverage. After Livs provided funds through the IUF for 12 months of full coverage, Philhealth officials met with the union members on April 4 to explain the benefits and how to access them.

“Corporations like Citra Mina believe that workers can be battered into relinquishing their rights if they are dismissed from their jobs, thrown into poverty and denied health care”, said Livs President Hans-Olof Nilsson, who is also President of the IUF. “We are determined to ensure that the Citra Mina workers will not be forced into submission and will support their fight for as long as it takes for their rights to be recognized.”