Published: 07/06/2013

The largest youth employees’ committee of Israel was established on June 3 and thousands of McDonald’s employees have joined the “Histadrut Working and Studying Youth Union”. Workers are now demanding a collective agreement, better wages and improved working conditions.

Owned by a local businessman, McDonald’s employs thousands of youth and is the largest and most profitable fast-food chain in Israel, with 160 restaurants.  While profits are high the young employees are hired at minimum wage.

Representatives of the McDonald’s employees reports they are now facing opposition by management and obstacles to their organizing efforts.

“Histadrut Working and Studying Youth Union” reports that complaints from McDonald’s employees concerning violations of the youth labor laws have accumulated in their offices over recent years: unpaid sick leave, unpaid training, and organized travel  haven’t been reimbursed as required by law.

Last year 7,396 young workers joined the union – two recent McDonald’s members sign their union membership forms in the picture.