Published: 26/11/2019

November 11-17 was a week of global action for fast food workers fighting for union rights and recognition, better pay and a safe workplace. In cities around the world unions and fast food workers held strikes, public protests and rallies and took action on the job to highlight their demands.

On November 12th hundreds of USA McDonald’s workers went on strike demanding unions for all, USD 15 per hour and an end to sexual harassment, while unions and workers across the country echoed their demands at work and on the streets.

The same day, UK McDonald’s workers went out on strike at six London McDonald’s outlets, demanding higher wages, more secure contracts, better working conditions and recognition of their union, boosted by support actions in other cities.

Throughout the week, workers and unions in Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, UK, USA took action in support of the global fight and the IUF’s International Fast Food Workers Day.

Photos of unions in action are posted on the IUF Flickr page