Published: 16/01/2012

Following a series of discussions, including mediation talks under the auspices of the OECD UK National Contact point, the IUF and the Compass Group have reached a settlement on issues raised by the IUF relating to Eurest operations in Algeria.

The settlement reinforces ongoing guarantees that workers in Eurest Algeria will be able to exert their rights to freedom of association in line with Algerian law and applicable internationally recognized labour standards. A process has been put in place whereby former named employees of Eurest may apply for suitable employment with Eurest Algeria.

IUF general secretary Ron Oswald welcomed the agreement, “This conflict has lasted for over three years and our agreement with Compass should take us to a more constructive future. I now look forward to the challenge both sides to the agreement will face to ensure that the spirit and letter of the agreement is fully respected. Considerable work remains ahead of us but the agreement puts both the company and ourselves on what I believe to be a positive path.