Published: 04/10/2017
Danone has launched a range of fresh dairy products in France in a move the company hopes will arrest the decline in the category in its domestic market.

The French giant is rolling out four lines through which it is aiming to “add value” to the country’s fresh dairy sector by meeting consumer demand for “natural” products, for local brands and for transparency from manufacturers.

Le Danone Nature is a line of yogurt made from French milk and natural ingredients. Danone said French consumers were looking for products that were healthy, tasted good but also benefited local producers.

Le Danone 1919 is a second line of yogurt inspired by the recipe of the first Danone yogurt launched a century ago.

Danone has also developed a line of fromage blanc to be eaten at breakfast and a line of fromage frais to be eaten at any time of day.

As part of the launch programme, the company is working with a group of twenty stores in France to make the yogurt fixture clearer and meet demand for “innovation, nutrition or a moment of consumption”.

The Le Danone Nature yogurts are sold in packs of four at a recommended price of EUR0.99 (US$1.16). The company has launched four flavours for its Le Danone 1919 range, each sold in packs of four at a recommended price of EUR1.39.

The fromage blanc is available in two varieties, with a recommended price of EUR1.29 for a pack of four. The fromage frais is sold in packs of six at a recommended price of EUR1.39.

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