Published: 04/02/2013

Leaders at the Glodeni sugar factory, Moldova, have won their campaign to have charges of “damaging company finances” dismissed. A recent court hearing ruled that their action of blocking factory gates to ensure that sugar was not removed was not directed against the company but was to protect workers’ interests and the assets owed to them by their bankrupt employer.

Union chair Vasilii Guleac, vice chair Valentina Semeniuc and activists Anatolie Furtuna, Fiodor Svoevolin and Victor Colibaba had been charged with offences that could have carried prison sentences of 3 to 8 years.

Semeniuk commented “We thank IUF affiliates who supported us in these darkest days. But our fight is not over. The court may re-open the case, not as a criminal but, as an administrative matter. The main demands of the workers for payment of their unpaid wages had still not been met. We will fight on!”