Published: 22/01/2013

Thousands of workers from Germany`s largest beverage company, Coca-Cola (CCE AG) organized by IUF affiliated NGG will be staging 2 weeks of warning strikes at about 60 sites of Coca-Cola in Germany against the company`s plan over restructuring, job cuts and more flexible working hours.

Workers at two Coca-Cola facilities in Bavaria walked off the job on January 21, and co-workers at other sites will join the warning strikes in the coming days.

NGG, the biggest union organized in the food sector of Germany announced that the warning strikes aim to put pressure on the company ahead of the next CBA negotiation round with the union scheduled for January 30. NGG wants to prolong the CBA with job protection and an increase of 6% on wages over the 12 months for Coca-Cola`s 10,600 employees in Germany against 2.5% increase over 24 months proposed by the management.