Published: 27/03/2017
AccorHotelsLogoAccording to the French Ministry of Labour, a high risk of discrimination in hiring has been documented at Accor hotels in France, and the company has no plan to address it.

The results of a survey of selected companies released in December 2016 highlighted the risk of discrimination against applicants with North African-sounding names. The companies were then asked to produce plans to address discrimination during recruitment. To date, two of the forty surveyed companies have not established a sufficient action plan. One of these companies is the transnational hotel chain AccorHotels.

According to the Ministry of Labour, the situation is of particular concern not only because the testing clearly established a high risk of discrimination, but, additionally, a satisfactory action plan to remedy the situation has not been implemented despite multiple reminders.

The Labour Ministry has accordingly decided to bring the case to the attention of the government “Defender of Rights”, which may examine these companies’ practices and draw appropriate conclusions.

Read the Ministry of Labour press release here (in French only)