Published: 02/05/2016

The Mondelez strategy of aggressive cost cutting and shifting production to lower cost countries is paying dividends for investors while it destroys the livelihoods of long-standing employees.

Profit rose to USD 0.48 a share in first quarter earnings, an 31% increase partly as a consequence of the relentless pursuit of USD 3 billion in expense reductions including the elimination of 600 jobs at the Mondelez Chicago bakery through the transfer of production to Mexico.

The campaign by IUF affiliated BCTGM to save jobs which includes a boycott call of Nabisco products manufactured in Mexico, has now received the backing of the central U.S union  body, the AFL-CIO.

Meanwhile the strike in March against outsourcing proposals by SIPTU and Unite members at the Coolock chocolate plant in Ireland has been settled following a membership ballot in favour of a proposal that maintained the direct employment of the 17 distribution workers whose jobs were threatened.