Published: 23/11/2011

On November 22 the National Union of Workers announced that an agreement had been reached on favorable terms to the NUW members on strike at Baiada Poultry, Australia’s largest poultry producer and the main supplier to retail giant Coles. The agreement brings equal pay rates for all workers at the factory, the key issue in the strike.

According to the NUW:

Now every worker at Baiada in Laverton will be paid site rates 

No more cash in hand. No more $10!

Your redundancy payments have more than doubled.

Union and delegate rights, and procedures to deal with bullying and harassment have improved to protect workers.

The NUW has thanked all the many union members and community supporters who showed solidarity and built support for the struggle and the thousands of supporters who responded to the IUF’s online campaign.

Solidarity on the picket line