Published: 19/07/2021

As Danone struggles to get itself back on track after months of internal strife leading to the departure in March 2021 of then CEO, Emmanuel Faber, the plan coming forward from the company to restructure and revitalize is causing concern for unions representing Danone workers.

The plan, Local First, will mean the loss of 1,850 positions by end of 2022. Danone has carried out extensive consultations and negotiations with the Consultation and Information Committee (CIC). The trade union representatives in the CIC believe that Local First will lead to a loss of expertise, in particular that skilled workers in Danone, worn-out by the pace of reorganisations, will leave the group. Additionally, while there will be a significant impact on blue-collar jobs, there is little provision of advice and support for workers.

The CIC has now submitted proposals to Danone which include calls for:

  • Strengthened arrangements for monitoring and implementation of framework agreements with the IUF and human rights issues
  • More time for local consultation and negotiations
  • The creation of national and international monitoring committees to measure the impact of Local First on employees, especially work-related stress
  • Full use of Danone’s Future Skills programme on sites affected by Local First

Click here for the full CIC opinion in English, French and Spanish and an IUF statement in English, French & Spanish.

IUF and its affiliates within the CIC will continue to work with local affiliates who request support and solidarity during this process.

Local First must ensure a regrading and training programme that works well for employees and compensates those who cannot be regraded in accordance with the extent of the detriment suffered.
Danone CIC