Published: 27/03/2013

Finding the Mondelez Screameggs this Easter is easier than ever – the abuses are difficult to conceal, the eggs are out in the open and there’s a big basket filled with jumbo Screameggs!


This year’s smaller packaging hasn’t reduced the quantity of abuses – take a look at what’s inside.

Tunisia – union representatives fired and suspended, members pressured and deceived – Mondelez denies all responsibility

Egypt – Cadbury workers see the overthrow of Mubarak as their conquest of rights and form an independent union – Mondelez decides that rights stop at the factory gates and union leaders are fired

For the CEO and top managers, the quarterly treasure hunt ended already before Easter – Mondelez just set aside over one billion dollars for the next there year’s stock option compensation for top bosses. CEO Irene Rosenfeld in January received a 10 million dollar bonus after less than 3 months on the job!

This Easter, the treasure hunt leads to a trail of brutal human rights violations – click here to send a message to Mondelez telling them to correct these abuses now!