Published: 29/07/2019

The IUF’s Finnish affiliate PAM has signed an agreement with Sodexo OY on implementing the global agreement on preventing sexual harassment signed by the IUF with Sodexo in 2017. The global agreement encourages local unions and management to negotiate local implementation measures. The agreement in Finland follows an agreement last year between Sodexo and the IUF’s Italian affiliates.

A special characteristic of the service sector, notes PAM, is the frequency with which staff experience sexual harassment by customers. A 2015 survey by PAM showed that 45% of women and 16% of men in the service sector had been sexually harassed by a customer.

Under the agreement, Sodexo commits to provide information and training to managers and supervisors and to inform current and future employees about the zero tolerance policy and the agreed protection measures. PAM undertakes to educate and provide information to members on how to combat sexual harassment.