Published: 12/08/2011

In a largely attended meeting the workers grouped together in the National Union of Dominican Frito Lay Workers (SINTRALAYDO) voted their affiliation to IUF.

In a conversation with Sirel, Alexander Mosquea, general secretary of the Union, he expressed that “the decision was taken unanimously by the workers present in a very moving meeting“.

Transnational workers have been considering the possibility of joining the IUF as a way of coordinating actions amongst the Frito Lay workers in Latin America.

This is a young union –he continued-, founded three years ago and that has recognized IUF as an important ally to strengthen the organization of transnational companies’ workers in Dominican Republic”.

Frito Lay Dominicana is property of PepsiCo and it produces snacks in Santo Domingo.

It has a history of deep union busting and mistreatment of the workers who have tried to get organized.

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