Published: 16/11/2015


Hotel workers from all continents took part in the 2nd IUF Global Week of Action from November 4-11 to highlight the unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and their determination to fight for a safe and secure working environment.
Hotel housekeepers are exposed to multiple hazards – repetitive strain and heavy lifting injuries, exposure to chemicals in cleaning products, sexual harassment and physical and verbal abuse. The vast majority are women, often migrants and they have one of the highest rates of work-related injuries and illness of any occupational group. The work is poorly-paid, frequently precarious, workloads are increasing and many employers strongly resist union organization.
Hotel workers’ unions enthusiastically signed up to the Week of Action and committed to mobilise both at workplace and national level. Hotel unions increasingly see improving health and safety at work as an effective means to becoming better organized and empowering members to negotiate better working conditions.
You can see photos from the many actions on Flickr, on the Global Week of Action Facebook page or in this video.