Published: 13/01/2012

The company, owned by PepsiCo Snacks, has a complete anti-union policy. Openly, the company threatens and harasses the workers who dare to get closer to the union.

Sirel had a conversation with Alexander Mosquea, Secretary general of the National Union of Dominican Frito Lay Workers (SINTRALAYDO), who mentioned that the company is closely persecuting the organized workers. “Recently, our comrade Domingo Peña has been fired, with ten years of uninterrupted work in the company, without just cause”. “Domingo was one of those who denounced Fritolay’s persecution policy,” he said.

In addition to this kind of abusive measures, the management uses a series of dirty tricks among which, the delivery of products with an expiration date of no more than 15 days stands out, not allowing the distribution workers to return expired merchandise if they can not sell it in that time. “There are colleagues who put money from their own pocket to pay for the expired product, for fear of losing their jobs.” “The pressure is terrible,” Mosquea emphasized.

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