Published: 13/07/2012

In the annual general meetings held so far in 2012, New Zealand Dairy Workers’ Union (NZDWU) members voted unanimously to demand that Fonterra allow IUF-affiliated Food Industry Employers Union (FEIU) access to the Fonterra Malaysia Plant to talk about union membership with Fonterra’s Malaysian workers.

The FIEU started recruiting members at the Fonterra Malaysia plant in Shah Alam in January 2012 and requested recognition from management. Following unnecessary delays by local management, Fonterra headquarters was contacted by the NZDWU and the IUF demanding guarantees that FIEU could meet with workers prior to any ballot on union membership. The NZDWU and IUF also sought a commitment that Fonterra would remain neutral in this entire process in line with the international framework agreement signed with the IUF.

NZDWU Fonterra members also encouraged workers at Fonterra Malaysia to join the FIEU and to become part of a global union network of Fonterra workers providing mutual support and solidarity.