Published: 08/02/2017
Mondelez, like many other big consumer packaged goods companies, continues to struggle with consumer demand shifts towards healthy, organic and fresh food. One of the reasons for Mondelez’s troubles is that large food companies like Mondelez are being managed with a focus on financial short-termism, not as food and beverage companies with a long-term vision.

Mondelez should invest more in product innovation, the future of the company and its workforce. Conversely, Mondelez’ workforce has only known sell-offs, closures, outsourcing and permanent restructuring. The result is insecurity for a workforce that has dedicated itself to Mondelez and its predecessor companies for many years.

Mondelez workers must be united and organized in the face of a company seeking to generate profits through selloffs and improvised cost-cutting rather than investing wisely in its workforce and long-term business growth. Contact your IUF affiliate to get more involved and to find out about efforts to save quality jobs at Mondelez.