Published: 30/03/2013

During the World Social Forum in Tunis, the FGAT-UGTT organized a press conference on 27 March with the participation of Zied Nalufi, the union leader unfairly dismissed by SOTUBI management, members of the new union board at SOTUBI/Mondelez and the IUF. Our Belgian affiliate, FGTB-HORVAL, was also on hand to show solidarity to the FGAT food and tourism workers federation and the UGTT trade union center and to support the IUF campaign.

The photo above shows FGAT general secretary Habib Rajab speaking at the press conference. At the left is FGTB-HORVAL president Tangui Cornu.

Zied Nalufi and Ghaith Nafti, former and current general secretaries of the union at SOTUBI/Mondelez