Published: 02/05/2018

On the event of International Memorial Day for Dead & Injured Workers, April 28, 2018 the Global Housekeeping Campaign (GHC) team in the Philippines held a motorcade through key areas in Ortigas, Makati and Manila where major hotels are concentrated to raise awareness of the effects of room  quotas on the health of hotel housekeepers. 

In its public statement the GHC team brought attention to a range of ergonomic hazards faced by housekeepers as well as chemical, biological and physical hazards. These hazards are increased by room quotas that force housekeepers to work quickly under extreme pressure, often causing injuries and illness. “This blatant disregard for or violation of occupational safety and health standards (OSHS) may result no only to temporary injury but also to permanent disability of the workers.” The motorcade was led by an ambulance with the banner “Room Quotas Kill!”