Published: 21/10/2015

IUF affiliates from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific gathered in Chicago on October 13-14 for the 3rd IUF global meat conference. Participants endorsed a proposal for the establishment of an IUF meat division within the structures of the IUF to assist increasing union membership and strength and building effective union coordination on organizing and bargaining at all levels.

The conference was hosted by U.S. affiliate the UFCW which presented research on the rapidly globalizing sector which is consolidating through mergers and acquisitions led by the Brazilian giant JBS.  

Strategies were shared on organizing migrant workers, recognizing that all workers have rights that must be upheld and protected and migrant workers were more likely to have their rights violated.

The conference unanimously passed a resolution condemning secretive and undemocratic trade and investment agreements.


Participants at the IUF global meat conference show solidarity with workers at warehouses in West Bengal, India contracted to PepsiCo who were sacked after forming a union