Published: 05/12/2017
The IUF-affiliated Nepal Independent Hotel Workers’ Union (NIHWU) has won significant gains for hotel workers through dedicated work over many years, including wining improved wages, benefits and job security, and fighting for implementation of the industry-wide service charge agreement.

The union has now more than doubled its membership at Carlson Rezidor’s Radisson Hotel Kathmandu. On August 18, 350 workers at Carlson Rezidor’s Radisson Hotel Kathmandu in Nepal voted for union representation in collective bargaining. With IUF support for their campaign, NIHWU increased its membership from 45 to 116 – not enough to gain a majority for collective bargaining, but a clear sign to management of strong support for the union. Management has now recognized the union, and together with two other unions they are now bargaining jointly with the hotel management.