Published: 17/01/2012

The UK’s Unite has launched a film to kick off the second round of national strike action with rolling strikes at 12 Unilever sites across the UK, including manufacturing plants, R&D and informational technology centers. The strikes are set to run from January 18 to 28.

“Unilever – not as clean as it claims” shows how the world’s third largest consumer products company pays its CEO Paul Polman 285 times more than the average worker yet is forcing through plans that will see UK workers’ pensions fall by between 20 and 40 per cent.  Unite says this is a continuation of a global strategy which has seen the company cut jobs and pursue ruthless outsourcing in order to generate wealth for its executives at the expense of the workforce.

The video can be viewed here on Youtube. Unite is urging viewers to send a simple message to CEO Paul Polman: “It is time for you to talk”.

Reiterating the call for Unilever to discuss the pension through conciliation service ACAS, Unite national officer Jennie Formby said: “The hard working workforce made Unilever into the global giant it is today but consumers will soon know the company better for its greedy pensions snatch than its products. We urge shoppers to watch it and support workers in their fight to protect the pensions promise made to them.”