Published: 04/04/2018

After 12 unionized housekeepers were replaced by contract workers at the Florida resort last October, North American affiliate the Teamsters fought back and finally reached an agreement with the ClubMed Sandpiper Bay, USA, on March 22, that sets a new standard for use of contract employees for the French company.

The one-year agreement for 110 ClubMed employees requires the company to give the union a nine-month advanced notice if it plans to subcontract out any of its positions. It also retroactively raised wages, increased pension contributions and makes clear that the resort will continue to provide meals to employees at no charge.

 “With persistence from the Teamsters Local 769 in Miami, assistance from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, along with support from unions from different countries, we together have been able to display the true blueprint of unionism and coming together for one voice for our members at ClubMed,” said David Renshaw, a Local 769 business agent involved in the negotiations. The deal came after more than 50 union delegates signed a petition on the Teamsters’ behalf that demanded ClubMed Sandpiper Bay’s management bargain in good faith with Local 769.

Those outsourced workers’ unfair labor practice claims are still pending.