Published: 05/12/2019

IUF affiliates that represent the AB InBev workers in Jupille and Leuven factories have conducted a blocking action this week on Monday and Tuesday. In recent weeks, relations with management have been strained.

On Tuesday morning unions blocked the entrance of the breweries of Leuven and Jupille that belong to the beer giant, AB InBev. The production of beer continues and workers can enter the sites, but no trucks can go out to deliver the beer, said Marc Delvenne, regional secretary of IUF-affiliated CSC Food & Services, present in Jupille.

These blockages began Monday in the middle of the afternoon. The unions have said they would maintain their protest action until the next meeting with management around the collective bargaining agreement, scheduled for 13:00 on Tuesday. It is unclear, however, whether it will take place because the company has demanded the lifting of the blockage before meeting the unions.

Delvenne points out that the actions would not have escalated to this point if dialogue with the company was better. For example workers have complained for some time that for several months there have been a lot of errors on the pay slips that do not amount to tens of euros, but rather hundreds. According to the unions, administration of wages at the Belgian subsidiary of the brewing giant is managed remotely from India causing multiple errors in the remuneration of staff.

IUF affiliates are also calling for enhanced job security and improvements in income with clear guarantees in the event of dismissals for economic reasons. A first 24-hour strike took place in four of the group’s breweries in Belgium on November 20.

Please find the original report in the Belgian media (in French) here.