Published: 27/06/2017


On 4 May, the Union of Dairy Workers (SINPROLAC) and Nestlé Nicaragua signed a new collective agreement, which ensures employment stability and more benefits for workers.

The new agreement includes a clause which cancels out the article in the Labour Code which allows an employer to dismiss a worker without just cause by paying compensation. Any dismissal will have to be analyzed and discussed within the Joint Union-Management Commission.

As such, this new agreement strengthens the role of the Joint Commission and ensures job stability.


At Nestlé Waters in Henniez, the Union Committee and the trade union UNIA have negotiated scheduling rules that finally allow workers to balance professional and private life.

The renewed collective agreement, which came into force on May 1, stipulates that schedules can no longer be changed in the last two weeks without the agreement of the employee. And, if this is the case, significant compensation is foreseen.

The new regulation was negotiated further to a survey of production workers on working conditions organized by the Union Committee and UNIA. Schedule changes were identified as the number 1 issue by the some 120 workers covered by the CBA, out of approximately 240 employees in total.


In connection with Nestlé’s global project NBE (Nestlé Business Excellence), the German Foodworkers Union NGG has negotiated a collective agreement on procedures and measures in the event of changes in working conditions or job losses.

This collective agreement, which covers all Nestlé businesses in Germany, protects the rights and interests of employees affected by the implementation of NBE.