Published: 17/02/2010

IUF staff joined demonstrators from international unions and human rights groups including Amnesty International outside the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on February 15 to demand that the situation of Iranian workers and their persecuted trade union leaders be placed  on the agenda of the 7th session of the UN rotational review of human rights.

The Haft Tapeh Sugar Workers Union, the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company Workers Union and the Free Union of Iranian workers sent a message to the rally and  to the UNHCR calling on the Council to support the demands for Iranian workers to be allowed to live “honorable lives, away from any fear of suppression and threatening environment”. The Iranian unions specifically demanded:


  • Abolition of executions and the immediate and unconditional release of jailed labour all other social movement activists from jails;
  • Immediate and unconditional freedom to form trade unions, without the need for permission from management, compliance with all international Conventions on trade union rights and the prosecution of those  who violate those rights;
  • Unconditional guarantees of the rights to strike, protest and to exercise freedom of speech;
  • Equality between men and women at work and in all other aspects of social, economic and family life;
  • Abolition of child labour and provision of an adequate educational and medical environment for all children.