COVID-19 Information and Resources

IUF Safe Return to Work during COVID-19 Demands: Catering

In this IUF guide on safe work during the pandemic, catering workers and their unions are provided with measures which will protect them from exposure to COVID-19.

The guide goes further to demand a post pandemic world where all catering workers are employed directly, have regular hours with secure employment and can access their rights to enjoy healthy and safe jobs with adequate wages, social benefits and good working conditions.

Read more in the leaflet available in English, French and Spanish:

IUF Safe Return to Work during COVID-19 Demands: HRCT

Millions of workers in the HRCT sector are suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19
pandemic. Crucial to the rebuilding of the sector will be strong trade union voices guiding the policy development and implementation in order to ensure robust health and safety measures, income security, job security, gender equality including health care and sick leave, and above all trade union rights.

Read more in the leaflet available in English, French and Spanish:

IUF Young Workers Committee: Infographic

“COVID-19 does not discriminate. People of all ages, all nationalities, all ethnicities can contract COVID-19”. This is the message of a new infographic produced by the IUF Young Workers’ Committee. The leaflet, Worker Health and Safety during COVID-19, gives simple clear messages to assist food and beverage workers, irrespective of age, to work safely during the pandemic.

Infographic is available in English, French, Spanish and German:

A message from IUF General Secretary Sue Longley including IUF COVID-19 Demands

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, I am constantly impressed by the determination of our affiliates to protect members and to fight for fair treatment of workers.

To assist in the fight we have produced 5 leaflets on  Agriculture, Food & BeverageHotels, Equality  and  Fast Food.

The IUF continues to negotiate with employers and to monitor their commitments on COVID-19. We are also lobbying UN agencies to issue strong, coherent policies to protect workers and to ensure that workers’ rights are at the centre of bail-out plans and recovery programmes.

Please continue to supply us with your updates, struggles and victories, for our COVID-19 page.

We continue to fight together and we will win together.

Stay safe. Keep well.

In solidarity,

Sue Longley
General Secretary