UK McDonald’s workers will celebrate International Workers’ Day on strike
Apr 25th, 2018 by Massimo

On May 1, 2018, McDonald’s workers in London, UK, will hold their second strike. The first ever strike by UK McDonald’s workers took place on September 4, 2017, IUF International Fast Food Workers’ Day, in support of demands for a minimum hourly rate of £ 10 (USD 13), an end to zero-hour contracts, and union rights and recognition. The second strike has the same demands.

Earlier this year UK McDonald’s announced it would increase wages for all workers in directly-owned restaurants. The IUF-affiliated BFAWU welcomed the raise as a demonstration that workers can win when they stand together.

Philippines: RESPECT calls for wider application of government order making thousands of fast food workers permanent
Apr 10th, 2018 by Massimo

The Respect Fast Food Workers’ Alliance (RESPECT) won an important partial victory in their long-running campaign for fast food workers’ rights to secure jobs when the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on April 3 ordered Jollibee to convert 6,400 casual workers to direct, permanent employment.

RESPECT, while welcoming the order, is demanding its immediate implementation and calling for it to be applied more widely to both company-owned and franchised outlets and to all fast food chains, including McDonald’s.

Thousands of fast food workers in the Philippines are employed through labour hire agencies on multiple contracts for several years. These precarious arrangements and ease of termination prevent workers from challenging delayed wages, unfair deductions and wage theft.

Germany: union support for food delivery workers fighting for rights in the ‘platform economy’
Apr 10th, 2018 by Massimo

The German Food and Allied Workers (NGG) are giving strong support to bicycle couriers fighting for their rights at the food delivery ‘platforms’ Foodora  and Deliveroo, who together employ over 4,000 workers in dozens of cities.

Foodora workers in Cologne joined the NGG and formed a works council last year; they were joined by Deliveroo workers in February 2018. Delivery workers are hired on short-term contracts or as bogus ‘self-employed’. They are compelled to pay their own sickness and accident insurance as well as the cost of their bicycles and safety equipment, which leaves their hourly compensation below the national minimum wage. They receive no compensation for waiting time and no compensation for accidents at work. The companies have responded to worker organizing by reducing the number of directly employed couriers and by impeding the functioning of the works council, including by refusing to renew the contracts of militant activists.

A day of national action against exploitation, precarious work and union-busting at Deliveroo is planned for April 13.

McDonald’s workers in the UK earn the biggest pay rise in 10 years
Jan 9th, 2018 by Massimo

UK McDonald’s has announced it will increase wages as of January 22 for all workers in directly-owned restaurants, about a quarter of the company’s restaurants in Britain. The IUF-affiliated BFAWU, whose members took strike action on September 4, welcomed the raise as a demonstration that workers can win when they stand together.

BFAWU members took strike action in support of their demands for better wages, union recognition and an end to zero-hours contracts and McDonald’s culture of bullying.

“Our members are still demanding a real contract of employment a minimum wage for all of at least £10 and an end to the culture of bullying and harassment in the workplace”, said BFAWU National President Ian Hodson.

First-ever strikes at UK McDonald’s on International Fast Food Workers’ Day
Sep 5th, 2017 by Massimo

McDonalds’ workers at two restaurants in Southeast London, UK, walked off the job in support of their demands on September 4, IUF International Fast Food Workers’ Day – the first ever strike by UK McDonald’s workers. Organized by the IUF affiliated Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), McDonalds’ workers are demanding a GBP 10 (USD 13), an end to zero-hour contracts and union rights and recognition.


In April 2017, UK McDonalds promised guaranteed-hours contracts to all employees who wanted them. However, the BFAWU claims that workers at most stores were told nothing about this until the strike was announced.


Arbeit Workers’ Union members in Korea.

The same day, fast food workers around the globe joined the fourth IUF International Fast Food Workers’ Day with actions to show collective determination to fight poor working conditions and win better wages and union rights.

Some of the many actions are visible on McJobs Facebook group or through the hashtag #FastFooodGlobal, #McStrike and #Fightfor15.


The IUF World congress, meeting in Geneva August 29-September 1, expressed its solidarity with fast food workers taking action in the UK, US and around the world.

Now recognized, Arbeit Workers’ Union starts negotiations with McDonald’s Korea
Jul 18th, 2017 by Massimo

On April 11, 2017 McDonald’s Korea announced the recognition of IUF affiliate Arbeit Workers’ Union as the collective bargaining representative for McDonald’s workers. The union formally established a McDonald’s chapter in November 2016.

A first meeting was held on June 16, and a second one is scheduled for July 21 during which parties will discuss ground rules. After this first step, Arbeit Workers’ Union will submit the list of demands and negotiation for the first collective agreement will formally start.

Placards say from left “Collective Bargaining Start”, “First Collective Barganing in Asia”, “No more individual distress, Yes to Collective Bargaining”, and “McJob to be a Good Job”

Gains in new collective agreement for fast food workers in New Zealand
Jul 13th, 2017 by Massimo

The IUF-affiliated Unite Union has reached agreement with Restaurant Brands, the company which manages KFC, Starbucks, Carls Jr and Pizza Hut, on a new two-year collective agreement which has been approved by 98% of its members.

The agreement comes after strike action in April in response to the company’s refusal to increase wages above the national minimum wage. Key improvements include: wages above the minimum wage for all Restaurant Brands employees; provision to offer vacant shifts to existing staff; a working party to review the vacant shift processes; weekly rosters with fixed and vacant shifts will be published in each store; elected health and safety representatives; and up to two weeks additional payment for redundancy.

The union recently reached a similar agreement with McDonald’s.

More information and the full terms of settlement are available on Unite Union website

New York City fast-food workers win scheduling rights
Jun 8th, 2017 by Massimo

The mayor of New York has signed a package of bills benefitting some 65,000 fast food workers, the key component of which is a requirement that fast food restaurants schedule their workers at least two weeks in advance or pay extra for shift changes. The legislation, strongly supported by the IUF-affiliated SIEU and leaders of the FightFor15 campaign, also ensures that fast food workers have breaks of at least 11 hours between shifts and are given the option of working additional hours before their employers hire extra workers.

With several states and municipalities having increased their minimum wages to as high as USD 15 an hour in recent years, scheduling in the often unstable fast-food sector has now become the key issue for unions and advocates for the rights of low-wage workers.

New Zealand McDonald’s workers gain new collective agreement
Jun 8th, 2017 by Massimo

Members of the IUF-affiliated Unite Union in New Zealand have overwhelmingly endorsed the agreement reached by the bargaining group and McDonald’s. The main points of the agreement are pay increases of the minimum hourly wage plus NZD 10 cents each year for three years, 100% guaranteed “agreed hours” each week every week, additional available shifts to be notified electronically before new staff are hired, and a two-week redundancy payment if a store closes, which is a first step in this area.
The agreement covers all McDonald’s restaurants in New Zealand, including those franchised, and the improvements apply only to Unite members.

More information and the full terms of settlement are available on Unite Union website.

McDonald’s UK workers gain fixed contracts
May 15th, 2017 by Massimo

At the end of April 2017, McDonald’s announced it will offer fixed contracts with a minimum number of guaranteed hours every week to some 115,000 UK workers on zero-hours contracts. The change from zero-hours to fixed contracts comes after months of campaigning by the IUF-affiliated BFAWU.

“These [zero-hours] contracts are a shameful scourge on our society – there is simply no place for them at all’’ said BFAWU President Ian Hodson. “Once again, we have proved that worker mobilization works. And we won’t be stopping our efforts to hold McDonald’s accountable anytime soon. Together with other trade union movements around the world, we will continue to turn up the heat on McDonald’s to ensure they respect the rights of workers in the UK and worldwide.’’

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