From its founding in 1920, international labour solidarity has been the IUF’s guiding principle. This principle is implemented through:

  • building solidarity at every stage of the food chain
  • global action to defend human, democratic and trade union rights
  • international union organizing within transnational companies

For the IUF, the active defense of trade union, human and democratic rights is not an adjunct to our industrial work but an integral part of our ongoing activity. Defending these rights is an essential class issue for the labour movement, because workers cannot organize in defense of their interests, nor maintain the gains they have achieved, when fundamental rights are violated or not secure.

The IUF gives active support to movements everywhere struggling against oppression. We respond internationally to every attack on our affiliates and on the labour movement. We are committed to building alliances with human rights, environmental, consumer and other organizations in civil society who share our objectives and principles.