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Global agreement on sustainable employment in Unilever manufacturing 13-05-2019

On May 10 in London, the IUF, IndustriALL and Unilever signed an agreement to ensure that the rights of all workers in Unilever manufacturing operations are adequately protected from the potential adverse human rights impacts stemming from the use of non-permanent employment contracts.

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Gains in new collective agreement at Unilever Netherlands 21-11-2018

After long, difficult negotiations the FNV has signed a new, one-year collective agreement retroactive to July covering 1,400 workers at Unilever in the Netherlands.

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Global agreement with Unilever on rights and recognition 01-11-2018

IMG_5417%20Adjusted_best_resizedIUF General Secretary Sue Longley, IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary Valter Sanches and Unilever CEO Paul Polman signed a joint memorandum on union rights and recognition with global consumer goods maker Unilever on October 31 at the regular bi-annual meetings with the company which have taken place since 2010.
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Financing the spreads sale buyout: the new company will be buried in debt 11-01-2018

According to a Reuters article of January 9 KKR's EUR 6.25 bn purchase of Unilever's spreads division will be financed through EUR 5.65 bn in debt - a debt equivalent to nearly 83% of the purchase price. Because the new company is itself financing 83% of the cost of its own takeover, plus interest and fees, the pressure on cash flow, and on workers, will be enormous.

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Agreement on job security in Heilbronn 11-01-2018

The German foodworkers' union NGG has signed an agreement which secures employment for some 1,000 production and logistics workers at the Knorr factory in Heilbronn through 2020.
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Unions condemn planned Colman's Mustard closure in Norwich 11-01-2018

ColmansOn January 4, Unilever informed GMB and Unite, the IUF UK affiliates representing workers at the Colman's Mustard factory in Norwich, that the factory would be closing by the end of 2019. Unilever's announcement followed the decision by drinks maker Britvic to cease producing at the site, which they share with Unilever.
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KKR, the new boss at Unilever spreads 21-12-2017

spreadsUnilever has officially announced the sale of its spreads division to US-based private equity investors KKR for EUR 6.825 billion, some 8 billion US dollars. The sale can only be finalized when it clears regulatory procedures, but there should be no competition issues: KKR is a private equity fund, not a food company.

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Successful negotiations bring a real wage increase for ice cream workers at Unilever Russia 07-12-2017

The IUF-affiliated Novoprof union of workers at Unilever's ice cream factory in Omsk, Russia has successfully negotiated a real wage increase which puts wages ahead of the projected inflation rate.

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Settlement at Unilever Australia defends collective bargaining rights 28-11-2017

On November 22, members of the IUF-affiliated AMWU approved an agreement which puts an end to the long dispute at Streets Ice Cream in Minto ignited by the company's attack on collective bargaining.

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Strikes in the Netherlands win improved pensions, job security for Oss workers following factory sale 23-11-2017

Beginning November 3, the FNV organized repeated work stoppages over twenty days in support of their demands, effectively paralyzing production.

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Strike action in The Netherlands as Unilever rejects pension, employment guarantees following sale of Oss factory 06-11-2017

Oss2On July 2 Unilever announced the sale of its Oss factory in The Netherlands to the Dutch transnational Zwanenberg Food Group. While Unilever secured a long-term income stream under the arrangement with Zwanenberg, in negotiations with the FNV Unilever has refused to offer guarantees on continuity of pension rights beyond 3 years or on employment beyond stating that no one will lose their job in 2018.

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Colman's Mustard Norwich factory faces possible closure 04-10-2017

Unilever on October 3 announced a review of the future of the Colman's Mustard factory in Norwich, UK, following the decision by soft drinks maker Britvic, with whom Unilever shares the site, to cease production at Norwich.

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UFCW success at Unilever US 26-07-2017

Members of UFCW Local 400 approved a first collective agreement on July 24 which brings significant gains for workers at Unilever's Lipton tea factory in Suffolk, Virginia. Member ratification of the agreement brings to fruition an organizing and bargaining effort which began last year.

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Spreads division for sale: what next for Unilever workers? 11-04-2017

FloraforsaleUnilever has officially announced the results of its "comprehensive review of options available to accelerate delivery of value for the benefit of our shareholders" undertaken in the immediate aftermath of February's failed Kraft Heinz takeover bid.
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No room for sexual harassment at the workplace! 31-03-2017

workplacefreeofsexualharassment_0On January 26, 2016, Unilever, the IUF and IndustriAll signed a Joint Commitment on preventing sexual harassment. A new brochure from the IUF based on this agreement presents concrete actions every union should take to prevent sexual harassment.

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Unilever, Kraft Heinz and swimming with sharks 27-02-2017

It took only 48 hours for Unilever to fight off a USD 143 billion Kraft Heinz takeover bid; the shock waves will reverberate far longer at Unilever and beyond. By using Kraft Heinz as the vehicle to swallow whole a far larger company, private equity investors 3G Capital - the driving force at Kraft Heinz, AB InBev and Burger King - have again demonstrated the scale of their imprint on the food industry and 'fast-moving consumer goods' sector as a whole.
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Uberizing logistics? 07-11-2016

Joint commitment on preventing sexual harassment at Unilever 27-01-2016

The IUF and IndustriAll, the international unions representing workers at the global food and home and personal products manufacturer Unilever, have signed a joint commitment with the company on preventing sexual harassment at Unilever workplaces.
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Solidarity wins reinstatement for Unilever Pakistan workers 06-07-2015

Collective bargaining negotiations in Omsk, Russia deadlocked once again 21-07-2014

FAWU on strike at two Unilever South Africa sites 28-01-2014

Unilever Omsk workers mobilize in fight for wage negotiations 15-01-2014

Everything is "sustainable" but employment? 30-10-2013

Agreement ends strike with improved compensation for outsourced Netherlands Unilever workers 15-04-2013

Outsourced Netherlands Unilever workers in week 5 of industrial action 28-03-2013

Rights agenda widens at global Unilever meetings/Precarious work continues to be rolled back 15-03-2013

Indonesia: union secures permanent jobs for 600 casuals at Unilever joint venture 02-03-2013

Outsourced Unilever workers in the Netherlands strike for decent transfer conditions - support them NOW! 28-02-2013

CEO Polman: ice cream business "doesn't need to be seasonal" 07-02-2013

More food disposals to come, says CEO Polman 07-12-2012

Women ice cream workers at Unilever Russia win union recognition, direct employment 03-09-2012

Tell Unilever human rights are not a matter of taste! 02-07-2012

Unilever Assam workers waiting for their rights: 5 years on and counting 31-05-2012

Financial euphoria, layoff contagion and collective bargaining 15-03-2012

Unilever workers and their unions protest in Rotterdam 20-02-2012

Global IUF/Unilever meeting explores employment & rights 23-11-2010

Unilever, IUF Settlement Resolves Conflict over Precarious Work at Lipton Pakistan 26-10-2009


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