Published: 25/01/2012

Arla will invest half a billion in Jutland. That means around 100 new jobs in Nr. Vium and Videbæk, Denmark.
Arla just announced their investment plans for 2012 which means about DKK 500 million to the Videbæk area in West Jutland. Approximately 100 new jobs could be expected, and this is very welcome, says Trade Union Secretary Karl Ovesen, Food Workers’ Union NNF Mid West Jutland, Denmark.
 “It’s very good with new jobs. We must remember that Arla is now a global company, so it is good that they invest in Denmark also. And good for us that it happens in West Jutland. The Holstebro/Videbæk area is “dairy country”. This is where the milk is. It’s really good news, says Karl Ovesen”.
The dairy giant will invest DKK 440 million at the two dairies in Nr. Vium – Denmark Protein and Nr. Vium Dairy. Additionally, a number of millions will go to the milk powder factory Arinco in Videbæk.
Growth in West Jutland

A large part of the Danish dairy production is found in West Jutland, and Arla has included this fact in their new investments.
 “This is where we see growth. This is where the highly efficient dairy producers are primarily located today. And West Jutland has good and stable labour. So it is obvious to invest here, says Karl Ovesen”.
This message – so heartening for West Jutland – comes only a week after the confirmation from Arla’s board about closing the dairies in Hjørring in North Jutland and Klovborg in Mid-Jutland, from where production will be moved to Taulov. The net loss there was 100 jobs.

By Claus Gjedsig, Food Workers’ Union NNF, Denmark