Published: 09/08/2010

The IUF Building Membership Conference is over, and by the feedback we received has been a great experience to participants. But the discussion is far from over – in fact it has just started!

Below you will find the summary from the Conference. Over 100 participants from IUF affiliates discussed approaches to increasing and activating membership and building global bargaining power, and the role of the IUF in supporting and coordinating organizing at international level.

The meeting discussed the possibilities, preconditions, and forms of targeted international organizing initiatives as well as the question how affiliates, through the IUF, could support each other in building organizing capacity.

The following recommendations were worked out by multilingual working groups as a basis for further discussion.

We would like to encourage your comments on the summary and recommendations – you can leave them through the comment function and/or contact Gisela Neunhoeffer at the IUF secretariat ([email protected]).

Read the recommendations online

Download as pdf