Published: 23/03/2016

Agroecology used to be an idea on the margins but in recent years it has moved into the mainstream and has been accepted by both the FAO and the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management as a tool to phase out highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) and promote safer alternatives.

Pesticide Action Network International describes agroecology as ” the science and practice of applying ecological concepts, principles and knowledge to the study, design and management of sustainable agroecosystems. It replaces chemicals with biology in farming” and have produced a new guide to promote it. Replacing Chemicals with Biology: Phasing out highly hazardous pesticides with agroecology  brings together case studies from every region of the world showing the positive benefits of agroecology on health, yields and greater resilience to climate change.

PAN%20HHPsmAuthors Meriel Watts and Stephanie Williamson say the purpose of the book is “to assist countries in replacing HHPs with ecosystem-based approaches to pest and crop management”.   It will also be a tool for unions to negotiate with management on phasing out of HHPs and their replacement by agroecology.

It can be downloaded here.