Published: 06/07/2018

UTHGRAlogoAfter several months of discussions between the IUF affiliated UTHGRA, the private sector and the government, a Good Practices Manual (available here in Spanish only) on work in hotels and restaurants has been approved and published. UTHGRA’s investigations and work in support of the IUF Global Housekeepers Campaign was the stimulus and the basis for the development of the manual.

This manual, published by the Superintendencia de Riesgos del Trabajo (an agency of the Labor Ministry) after it was discussed and approved by the employers’ organization, UTHGRA, the Labor Risk Insurers Association, and the Federal Government in a quadripartite discussion. On the agency’s website there are videos produced by UTHGRA to reduce injuries and promote a safe work environment:

This manual is a series of recommendations intended to provide tools for workers and employers to promote healthy and safe jobs.

UTHGRA believes it will be a valuable tool for workers in the sector in Argentina.