Published: 27/04/2017

Argentina’s major dairy cooperative, SanCor, is in financial crisis and the IUF affiliated dairy union ATILRA has intervened to salvage the company, and save the jobs of thousands of employees and protect communities which depend upon Sancor for their  livelihoods.

ATILRA has attended many meetings with Government and employers and made every effort to assist in the emergency with concrete measures including the negotiation of temporary salary reductions tied to the retention of all jobs.

The union has called on members to regularly donate a contribution of their salaries to the union workers at SanCor who urgently need support.

Despite the comprehensive and constructive efforts of ATILRA which have been acknowledged  by the company, conservative and anti union forces are exploiting the crisis to attack the union and the role it plays in providing services to its members and the wider public in dairy communities.

ATILRA pledges to mobilize its members if the attacks move beyond rhetoric to interference in the operation of the union.