Published: 25/03/2014

dairy%20conference%20smallerThe Argentinian dairy union’s technology education center in Sunchales, Santa Fe is a modern well designed facility aimed at providing university level education in the skills of dairy processing, research and innovation.

ATILRA General Secretary Hector Ponce expressed a desire for the education facility to be used by the whole community for ‘the problems of society are not solved by building barriers to education’. 

The facility is dedicated to the six ATILRA activists who were murdered during the period of the military dictatorship in Argentina.

The center was officially inaugurated on the evening of 18 March with an outdoor ceremony attended by approximately 3000 people including the Minister of Education for Argentina, Alberto Sileoni. IUF Latin American Regional Secretary Gerardo Iglesias summed up the achievement of ATILRA when he commented “This union has a long history, a present struggle and is winning the future.” 

IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald expressed his confidence in the growth of the center which would open opportunities for many communities in Argentina.

The IUF 3rd global dairy conference had the honor of being the first event held at the education center.