Published: 18/10/2018

Mondelez%20Malaysia%202018%20%282%29Malaysian IUF affiliate FIEU has now had four meetings with Mondelez in an effort to negotiate over the impacts of the announced Johor Baru plant closure. Local management however continues to act in bad faith. The company is maintaining the original July 2 announcement and is not seeking to reach mutually agreed terms and conditions to mitigate the impacts of the closure, which is scheduled to take place on November 30. In support of its affiliate the FIEU, the IUF will continue to pursue this matter after the closure and take every necessary action to remedy the rights violations arising from this process and its impact if no mutually agreed upon solution is reached.

Mondelez management has now issued disciplinary letters against FIEU members for wearing campaign t-shirts in the plant canteen. There are also concerns that management will move to dismiss FIEU members taking collective action before the plant closure and/or cut their compensation packages.