Published: 25/02/2019

During the 40th Meeting of the IUF Latin America Region Executive Committee (CEL) held in Buenos Aires on December 7, the trade union leader, Gisele Adão, who is a member of the CEL and an activist in support of LGBTI workers’ rights in Brazil, spoke about the growing dangers that LGBTI people have faced since the government of Jair Bolsonaro took office.

“Brazil is already a place where more LGBTI people are murdered than in any other country in the world and given that there are no specific laws to address these crimes, the resolution that emerges from this IUF Committee about our fight is very important.”
Jair Bolsonaro is a man who openly declared himself to be homophobic, racist and sexist, and his coming to power can only worsen the situation.

“We will have to fight daily so that they do not take away what we have already won. It is imperative that an organization like the IUF supports us, “said Gisele.
Watch the full statements in the video in the following link: