Published: 02/08/2009

Carlos Reyes, General Secretary of IUF-affiliated Stibys (the industry, drinks and allied workers union) and member of the the IUF World Executive Committee, was beaten and hospitalized with a broken arm. At noon on Thursday, whilst civil society organizations were peacefully protesting in the Northern part of Tegucigalpa, the Army and the Police forces unleashed a major physical attack on protestors indicating clearly the regime’s attitude towards those who would wish to exercise their right to peaceful protest. Much of the physical repression seemed to target the main leaders of the civil resistance. Juan Barahona, coordinator of the “Bloque Polpular” and member of the National Front Against the Coup d’Etat was struck and then detained at the Bethlehem police station along with other leaders. Roger Vallejo Soriano, a 38-year old teacher was wounded by a shot to the head and remains in grave condition.

The IUF has protested strongly these latest acts of repression to Don José Miguel Insulza, the general secretary of the Organization of American States. We call on others to do the same and also to contact Roberto Micheletti to protest these latest attacks and demand guarantees for the the safety of those who wish to peacefully protest anywhere in Honduras as well as full respect for their right to do so.