Published: 10/09/2012

This year, the International Day of Struggle Against Monoculture Tree Plantations (September 21) falls on the eve of the Eleventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (India, October 1-19). The World Rainforest Movement is circulating an open letter to national governments urging them to take a firm stance at the Conference against the devastating expansion of these plantations.

Monoculture plantations – for pulp, palm, biomass, even carbon offsets! – destroy food production, water systems, employment and biodiversity and displace entire communities. Their enormous expansion in recent years has been deceptively packaged as eco-friendly and boosted by the huge upsurge in commodity speculation. The IUF has been supporting worker and community struggles against the growth of these plantations and cooperates with the World Rainforest Movement.

You can sign on to the letter here