Published: 18/03/2019

Twenty-four unions representing Cargill workers in 15 countries, from Australia to the US, Indonesia to Russia and across Europe, have together publicly called on the company to stop violating rights in Turkey, where workers were fired at a Cargill facility in Bursa-Orhangazi  nearly one year ago solely as a consequence of organizing to form a union – an internationally recognized human right.

Thanks to continuous protests organized by the workers and their union, the Cargill conflict has become one of the most high-profile labour disputes in Turkey.

The OPEN LETTER  signed by the IUF affiliates calls on Cargill to address and resolve the trade union rights violations in Turkey through direct talks to the IUF. Cargill has failed to respond to this initiative and to previous communications from the IUF.

Will the company listen – and change course?