Published: 26/08/2013

In London contracting companies working for the major transport infrastructure project Crossrail have been caught blacklisting union members, effectively illegally denying them employment. On August 14 an international delegation including blacklisted Unite members, representatives of unions from a large number of countries  and representatives from the IUF and UNI global union federations brought the fight for justice for these Unite The Union blacklisted members to the doors of the Chicago City Council. Many of those who joined this action were attending the UFCW’s Convention in Chicago. Delegates pointed with outrage to the possible award of a major contract at Chicago’s Midway Airport to Ferrovial, a Spanish company closely associated with this illegal blacklisting in London.

IUF general secretary Ron Oswald warned Chicago City Council not to choose a company stained by illegal blacklisting for a major City contract. He told protesters and Chicago City Council, “Blacklisting has been illegal in the United States since 1935. Chicago should not allow Ferrovial, a company whose hands carry the stain of this illegal practice, to profit from a major contract such as the one at Midway Airport. Ferrovial must be told in the clearest terms you cannot act like that in the UK without consequences elsewhere.”

North American unions helping to organize and support the action included UFCW, UniteHere, LIUNA and AFSCME.