Published: 16/01/2012

The Belgian unions’ fight to keep production of iconic chocolate brands in Belgium has resulted in an agreement to keep production of Chokotoff – one of the 3 brands slated for transfer – in the factory in Halle. In exchange, the unions and their members have agreed to some concessions in benefits.

The struggle was given wide media coverage in Belgium and IUF affiliates mobilized their membership in Kraft to sign petitions calling on the company to keep production of Belgian chocolate brands in Belgium. This resulted in an unprecedented show of solidarity from unions and their members on 4 continents who collected over 7,000 signatures. In June, blue- and white- collar workers represented by 4 unions staged a week-long strike in Halle. Negotiations over Kraft’s restructuring plan began in September and a spontaneous strike broke out in November, lasting a few days.

Finally, in early December 2011, Kraft European management gave Belgian management the green light to keep the Chokotoff line and associated jobs in Halle.