Published: 03/12/2012

Italian union members employed by Compass,the UK based catering, cleaning and facilities management company participated in a successful strike on Friday 1 December to protest the Company plans to lay off 824 workers in Italy. Italian federations CGIL, CISL and UIL are cooperating in their campaign to have Compass withdraw their notice of dismissals and report high levels of participation in Friday’s action. The company is awash with cash and has spent £500m this year and plans a further £400m next year in share buy backs to deliver even more money into shareholders pockets after delivering a 10% increase in dividend this year. The IUF is giving full support to its Italian affiliates in their demand to have Compass put working families ahead of greater profits and to withdraw the notice of positions to be disestablished and negotiate with unions about the operation of the business in a mutually acceptable way.