Published: 26/11/2010

Nestlé’s ‘agenda’ for the latest investor presentation? – ‘delivering’ cash, growth, and ‘total performance’ through their ‘billionaire brands’, with special emphasis on emerging markets. But they’ve failed to deliver on basic rights for the workers who produce the billionaire Nescafé products at the Panjang, Indonesia factory.

The Nestlé model has delivered CASH, cash and more cash to investors, Nestlé hammered incessantly at the Morgan Stanley Consumer Conference on November 17,  while “creating shared value for ‘stakeholders’

“Shared value”? For a decade, management has recognized the IUF-affiliated SBNIP as the workers’ representative – but the workers and their union have been waiting for 3 years now for management to come to the table and negotiate a collective agreement. “Recognition”, but no rights?

When workers sought to exercise the fundamental right to negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment, union members were harassed, transferred and placed under workplace video surveillance.

Nestlé  management  employs a never-ending series of tricks and evasion tactics to escape their obligations.

When intimidation and repression failed, the company  created a fake ‘union’ – a ‘Communication Forum’ founded at a 5-star hotel during a company award ceremony! Management insists that the organization it established and controls must be part of any ‘negotiation’.

Three years is a long time waiting. The union continues to fight for its rights – and recruit new members. What they get is Nespressure, squeezing workers and violating rights. Unions around the world have taken action in support of the Panjang workers, but Nestlé continue to reject basic collective bargaining rights for the SBNIP.

At you can find leaflets, campaign materials, updates on global solidarity actions and more resources.

You can also act now to support the Panjang workers. Click here to send a message to Nestle, the world’s biggest food company to stop Nespressure and to unconditionally begin good faith negotiations with the SBNIP at Nestlé Panjang – NOW.