Published: 03/01/2019

The IUF-affiliated 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers) is organizing to bring under a collective agreement a group of fast food restaurants in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens many of whose primarily young workers are employed under precarious conditions and denied basic benefits including pension contributions.

Among the restaurants in the Tivoli Food Hall who have refused to sign a collective agreement are operations involving the German-based ‘fast casual’ group Vapiano, Norwegian conglomerate Orkla (Gorm’s Pizza) and Finnish Northern Hospitality Partners (NoHo, formerly Restamax), with Cocks & Cows and The Bird. NoHo Partners is also a fast-growing labour hire operation supplying labour to a variety of industries in addition to restaurants, including health care and construction.

While the Tivoli and other restaurants in the garden, a major tourist attraction, have agreements with 3F and other unions, after lengthy negotiations the fast food restaurants in the Food Hall refused to sign.

3F picketed and leafleted during the holiday season and is committed to winning rights and recognition for fast food workers in the Food Hall.